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Tips for Web Development

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Tips for Web Development

Being a graphic designer or a web designer isn’t an easy task. Everyone can learn to be one but being professional at it demands full attention to detail and a fair amount of creativity. Regarding the web design in particular thinking outside of the box helps in the creative process of figuring out what the client want to see and presenting that idea. So be patient and pay attention to this list quick tips and tricks and you might learn something useful.


About the Website design

Perhaps you want to make your first website, or you already have one, but you want to improve it and make it more appealing. In any case, you should know a thing or two about the basics of web designing. The main purpose of the website is to attract visitors or customers to it. The way to do it is to keep it simple but interesting. Placing multiple apps and overcrowding the site with it is a basic mistake that most novice web designers make. The marketing term for this is conversion. The key is simplicity, make it visually appealing with just the right amount of elements.



Creating customers from visitors is called conversion. There is no use of adding visitors to your site if you don’t convert them into customers. The number of people that visit you site is not a number of customers you will get. If someone, for example, enters your site and stays for about 10 seconds, he will, in most cases, read only the head section and leave the website. To sell the product means to keep the customer reading the content of the site in order to make them become interested in you product. You can do this by luring them with common questions regarding the topic and the product that you are placing. Placing generally mutual questions will make them interested and make them continue reading.



Seven step program

-The first step is analysis.
This considers creating a purpose for the website, determining the goals, and targeting the right audience that is focusing on the right group of customers.
-Step two is all about planning.
Creating a sitemap, focusing on the creation of firm website structure and the technologies used is extremely important.
-The third phase is design.
Focus on the wireframe models and the visual style, but also on the user interface. The easier it is for visitors to use your site, the more customers you acquire.
One of the most important parts of the process is choosing the best content, videos, and photos, optimized for you visitors as well as for search engines.
In this step, you are actually putting the pieces together and creating the website.
In this step, it is important to do the technical testing. Meaning to test all the technical features, compatibility with popular browsers and also checking if the created site looks like what we were trying to make.
Even after you launch the site, you should monitor and adjust the site to your customer needs.

Following these steps will ease the process of creation and guarantee a successfully places website.

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